Give Us An MCU 'Midnight Sons' Movie

After the Avengers had their big shot, it's time for another team.
Give Us An MCU 'Midnight Sons' Movie

Boy, Doctor Strange seems like he's going to be busy. After the Avengers had their big shot, it's time for another team, and the next one up with pieces falling in place appears to be The Midnight Sons, led by none other than goatee man magic fists.

Other magic fists.

The Midnight Sons are sort of the black ops of the Avengers -- able and willing to do the things the Avengers won't do, but also able to at least get some name recognition. Though, unlike most black ops teams, they aren't dealing with guys with guns, but with big "SET IT ON FIRE!" spider demons made of skulls and damned souls.

Did you think that I was joking?

The Midnight Sons are just one of the MCU's newest growing number of new group teases. Over in the more popular and normal bits of the MCU, Contessa Fontaine (or the Veep with a streak in her hair ) is going around assembling a dark Avengers/Thunderbolts team with USAgent, Yelena, and soon to be Abomination most likely.

Remember him?

But that's not all. In the Disney+ corner, we're also seeing the Young Avengers start to grow. A new Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, Kid Loki, Speed, Wiccan, and a tease for Patriot.

And then there's the third group. As Marvel is actively filming a Moon Knight series, is working on Blade, will definitely hit up Ghost Rider again at some point, and rumored to by doing Werewolf By Night, the next Doctor Strange is a multiversal horror film. It's almost no doubt that the team is coming to either the small or big screen. 

“We're called The Midnight Sons. Yes, night is our dad.”

They're an everchanging group that is comprised of two Ghost Riders (ooh, aren't you greedy), Doctor Strange, Hellstrom, Werewolf by Night, Blade, Iron Fist, and Morbius, along with other heroes that flit in and out like Scarlet Spider (the Spider-Man clone) or Bats, a ghost dog that Doctor Strange had for a while, who loves Spider-Man:

The group has "a taste for damnation" and typically faces demonic or supernatural threats -- like the supposed villains of Doctor Strange 2, or Wanda, or even Mephisto. Yeah, the group often takes on Mephisto, with Hellstrom being a son of a different devil of Hell. It's good that there haven't been constant rumors about Mephisto; with a painting even looking so much like him, the creators had to come out and say, "No, that's a Loki Variant."


Of course, what would be better for the supernatural Avengers than a Loki variant with demonic powers posing as the threat that brings them together? Hell, Doctor Strange is already Iron Man but with magic instead of machines. 

And slightly less dumb facial hair.

Forget the New, Dark, or Young Avengers; it's time for the Midnight Sons.

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Top Image: Marvel Studios


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