OnlyFans Reverses Controversial Decision To Ban 'Explicit' Content

Presumably losing most of your patrons/income is never a great business move.
OnlyFans Reverses Controversial Decision To Ban 'Explicit' Content

Well folks, it seems OnlyFans has nobly decided that losing pretty much all of their patrons and screwing over the sex workers keeping their platform afloat may not be the smartest business decision, after all. Following a significant backlash to a proposed policy banning ‘sexually explicit' content – a move basically akin to if Hot Dog On A Stick stopped selling hot dogs and told their entire staff to go to Hell – the site has seemingly come to their senses, revoking their highly-controversial decision.

We have secured assurances necessary to support our diverse creator community and have suspended the planned October 1 policy change," wrote the company in a statement posted to their Twitter account, adding that they stand “for inclusion and we will continue to provide a home for all creators.” 

While several of the site's content creators let out a sigh of relief after OnlyFans decided that perhaps shooting their entire business model in the foot and singlehandedly throwing the sex workers who so loyally used their platform to the wolves wasn't a genius move, including Aedan Rayne, a sex worker who explained her frustration with the platform to Rolling Stone

“I think they thought they may gave gotten away with this without people caring. That doesn’t seem to be the case,” Rayne said. “Quite honestly, with our industry being under attack with NCOSE and Exodus Cry putting pressure on Mastercard and payment processors, we have an insecure future," she continued, a reference to National Center on Sexual Exploitation and a sex-work abolitionist organization. "The question is what will happen to these other platforms?… We still have the question: What will happen to the industry as a whole?”

So, folks, here's to OF not destroying their business – it's really the least they could do. 

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