Get Smart With These Smart Home Goodies

What else are you gonna do? Push buttons like a moron?
Get Smart With These Smart Home Goodies

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The Disney Channel Original Movie Smart House got some stuff right, like voice assistance, though thankfully the creepy-ass biometric scan when you move in so the house can literally track your insides remains the stuff of fiction (so far). The smart revolution is officially here, so get these smart home and home theater accessories because what else are you gonna do? Push buttons like a moron? Pfffffft.

Smart TV LED Backlight

MSRP: $13

Sale Price: $9.99 (28% off)

Bring out greater color in your TV or monitors with this smart backlight. It features 16 million colors, eight custom scenes, and syncs to your favorite songs and shows for a more immersive light experience while watching or playing. It's basically like a laser light show in your own home, devoid of weird chairs and smelly hippies (unless you invite them).

Gosund Smart RGB LED Light Strip with Voice Control & Music Sync

MSRP: $19

Sale Price: $14.99 (25% off)

Turn any dorm room or bachelor pad into something straight out of The Ladies Man with this smart light strip that reacts to the music you're playing. It's a scientific fact that no earthly force can resist swaying to the strains of Marvin Gaye, and that includes light.

15A Smart Home WiFi Outlet (4-Pack)

MSRP: $26

Sale Price: $19.99 (25% off)

If you already have a smart home hub, turn the everyday devices in your home smart with these clever outlets. Plug them in, connect them to the WiFi, then plug other stuff into them to automate your whole house with app control like some kind of cartoon mouse wizard.

Smart Plug Outlet Extender

MSRP: $19

Sale Price: $14.99 (25% off)

If you can't stop making appliances smart, this extender will turn one smart outlet into six additional outlets so you can fully give yourself over to your addiction. Really hit rock bottom. Spiral out of control on laziness and futurism.

Switchmate 2.0: Smart Switch for Toggle Style Light Switches

MSRP: $29

Sale Price: $19.99 (33% off)

These plates set up in just a second to add voice and app control to all of your light switches. It's like the Clapper but way less cringe.

LumiCharge LD: LED Lamp, Charging Dock & Speaker

MSRP: $69

Sale Price: $54.99 (20% off)

Unfortunately, no, it is not the LumiCharge Lil Dicky. It is, however, a handy charging dock, lamp, and smart speaker that can be the life of the party, somewhat like Lil Dicky.

Kodak FLIK X4 Home Projector

MSRP: $99

Sale Price: $79.99 (20% off)

Kodak projectors do so much more than just cycle through photos these days. You can watch movies, play games, listen to music, and much more with the Kodak FLIK X4. It sets up quickly and easily, allowing you to broadcast whatever you want onto a surface of up to 150". Just make sure the coast is clear before you settle in for a 12-foot projection of that one scene in Shame. You know the one.

Curie Handcrafted Soundbar

MSRP: $150

Sale Price: $136.95 (8% off)

This soundbar is versatile enough for use as a TV speaker, standalone speaker, alarm clock, FM radio, or just as a sexy decoration that Ron Burgundy might have in his den.

Cave Smart Home Starter Kit

MSRP: $399.95

Sale Price: $199.95 (with code VEHO200)

This kit is almost like having your own Pat (you know, the Smart House lady played by America's MILF, Katey Sagal). It includes a SmartHub, a wireless motion sensor, a wireless contact sensor, a remote control, and other accessories that pair with the intuitive Cave app to set up a security system, access appliances remotely, and more. Leopard print leggings not included.

Prima 1080p HD Pocket Projector

MSRP: $799

Sale Price: $399 (50% off)

Football season's coming up, but there are a lot of reasons to stay home: crappy weather, the ongoing pandemic, the collective stench of the many sweaty men crowding the stands, etc. Instead, feel like you're at the game with this HD pocket projector. It allows you to stream onto a 120" screen, turning everything only slightly smaller than life-size for the added bonus of feeling like you could take those guys in a fight.

Prices subject to change.

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