We Almost Got a Deadpool/Bambi Crossover, Ryan Reynolds Says

That Deadpool x Korg collab almost never happened.
We Almost Got a Deadpool/Bambi Crossover, Ryan Reynolds Says

On today's installment of almost-crossovers that perished by the stiff upper lips of Hollywood execs, it seems that we narrowly missed out on a 100% family-friendly collaboration between two of Disney's most wholesome, loveable, and not-at-all-terrifying characters – Deadpool and the hunter from Bambi

Earlier this week, Ryan Reynolds, the actor behind the snarky hero, told IGN that before landing on the idea for a Deadpool x Korg video, a short which he shared on his YouTube channel last month, the star originally approached Disney with a pitch for the crossover we didn't know we needed, a clip pitting his iconic character against – BAMBI SPOILER ALERT –  the hunter that offed the poor deer's mother at the beginning of the film. 

"I wanted to do a short film of Deadpool interrogating the hunter who killed Bambi's mom," the star explained of his original concept. Yet instead of taking Disney's most notorious villain to task for the murder that singlehandedly destroyed all of our childhoods, the hero had something more self-serving in mind – hosting a makeshift Q and A session for how his character could become just as infamous as the animated antagonist.  “But the whole gist of it is that Deadpool is actually just a huge fan. He's not interrogating — he just wants to know how he could be the most loathed Disney character in the history of Disney,” he continued. 

Unfortunately to our collective dismay, it seems the execs at the house of Mouse were not too thrilled about the concept, framing one of their most sinister characters as a twisted role model. “Of course, Disney was like, 'well, I don't think that's ever going to happen,'” Reynolds explained. 

Yet when one door closes another one opens – another one opens – one that just so happened to be filled with an anthropomorphic pile of rocks played by iconic actor/director, Taika Waititi. “Then we came back to them — we wrote the Deadpool-Korg piece,” Reynolds recalled.. “We sent it to them, and they said, ‘yes! So, my next call was to Taika and Taika was in. He's also in Free Guy so it wasn't that hard," he continued. "Taika's an actual genius so I was thrilled to collaborate with him as this kind of character."

So folks, take it from Reynolds: If at first you don't succeed, try, try again – and maybe avoid looking up to the hunter from Bambi. 

Top Image: Disney/Disney

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