Great news for 2000s comedy fans … and terrible news for TikTok conspiracy theorists: Despite the pervasive claims of a viral video, it seems beloved comedian Seth Rogen not been kidnapped by an evil ceramicist, a fact he recently clarified on social media. 

It all started last week when a TikTok user @chriscanbefunny took to the platform to share a musical theory surrounding the actor's social media presence, speculating that the parade of gorgeous ceramics snaps that have been dominating his Instagram and Twitter accounts as of lately – and the notable lack of selfies – aren't merely the product of an artsy social media hiatus, rather, subtle clues that the star is being held hostage. 

“Has anyone seen Seth Rogen lately? I’ve seen a lot of photos of his vases. Haven’t seen a recent photo of his face yet,” the TikToker sang in the video that has since garnered more than 186,000 views, hammering a “missing” poster for the celebrity onto a telephone pole.  “I have a crazy hypothesis. Seth was kidnapped by a shady ceramicist, who has him tied up, completely incapacitated, posting pics on Seth's Twitter so we think he's not dead.” 


Although @chriscanbefunny does have a point, considering most of Rogen's content has been vases since May, when we last got a glimpse of his smiling face in a post promoting his new book, the comedian took to Twitter to clarify the situation. 

“This video is very funny and not at all true! I have not been kidnapped!” he wrote alongside the TikTok. “This is not a kidnapper writing this from Seth’s account! I promise!” 

Considering that is exactly the kind of thing a maniacal ceramicist with access to their celebrity hostage's social media platforms, naturally, fans had their doubts, asking him for coded help signals …

… and asking for confirmation that he does make the vases …

… however, Rogen seemingly had none of this nonsense, responding a simple “nope” when asked if this was actually the kidnapper talking. 

So Seth, if you're reading this, please drop a tutorial. We miss you. 

Top Image: TikTok/Shutterstock

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