FBI Seizes Lego U.S. Capitol From Home Of IRL U.S. Capitol Dingus


On today's installment of Alleged Perpetrators of the January 6 Capitol Insurrection Do the Darndest ThingsTM, it seems one suspected rioter just couldn't LEGO of his desire to seize the United States Capitol building – in any way possible. Yep, during the arrest of 27-year-old Robert Morss last month on several charges including assaulting, resisting or impeding certain officers and robbery of personal property of the United States (somewhere, Nicholas Cage's National Treasure character is softly weeping), officials discovered a concerningly-relevant item in his home – “fully constructed" Lego set of the U.S. Capitol building.

Although as the Daily Beast noted, it is currently unclear if the toy, which "focuses on the structure's neoclassical style facade, steps and lawns" and has been discontinued but still retails online for upwards of $230, played a role in planning the riot, Morss's alleged involvement in the insurrection is seemingly more concrete in the eyes of prosecutors. According to federal attorneys, the Pennsylvania man, who is currently being held in pre-trial detainment, supposedly led other insurrectionists in confronting officers guarding the building's Lower West Terrace doors, “one of the most intense and prolonged clashes” of the entire January 6 attack.

Alongside the Lego set, authorities also say they found a variety of other concerning items, including “Don't Tread on Me” flag, military uniforms and a utility bag, a tourniquet, as well as several weapons – “three different firearms including a handgun, a shotgun and a rifle,” according to court documents obtained by The Smoking Gun.

Furthermore, it seems Morss wasn't allegedly attacking our nation's capitol alongside a horde of ding-dongs, he was also an aspiring author. During their search authorities also recovered a notebook from his car, featuring a section entitled “Step by Step to Create Hometown Militia," complete with  steps including “Ambush” and “Battle Drills” and helpful reminders to “Bring Assault Rifle” and “4 Magazines." Watch out, The Anarchist CookbookFailed Insurrections For Dummies is sure to be a hit!

So, folks, remember, don't storm the United States capitol building – especially not if you have a Lego model of the building on display in your home. 

Top Image: Lego

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