Vin Diesel Says He's 'Dying' To Do A 'Fast & Furious' Musical


Reader, did you sit down to watch the Fast & Furious's ninth installment this weekend and felt that there was just something … missing? Perhaps John Cena's character shuffling off to buffalo while singing about -- F9 SPOILER ALERT -- how convenient it is to be a master thief when no one can actually see you? An emotional 11 o'clock number from Letty Ortiz about the struggle of having a retired racer for a husband? A jazzy West Side Story-inspired ensemble number about the joys of illegally racing really fast cars?

Well, folks, it seems you may be in luck – just days after the release of the beloved racing series's ninth installment, the franchise's longtime-star and notable Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast, Vin Diesel, has some suggestions for the future of the Fast & Furious franchise: a musical. 

Last Wednesday, Diesel stopped by Kelly Clarkson's NBC daytime talk show where the American Idol winner asked him about the possibility of the beloved series receiving the Broadway treatment. “What about doing a full-on Fast & Furious musical?” Clarkson inquired. "Would you be down?”

“I'm dying to do a musical!” Diesel exclaimed several times throughout the segment. “I've been dying to do a musical my whole life. I was this close to doing Guys & Dolls with Steven Spielberg," he said, pinching his fingers together. “And we ended up not doing that, but I’m dying to do a musical," Diesel reiterated.

So, folks here's to hoping that Diesel finally gets his wish of taking to the stage. They've done just about everything, all they need is a musical 

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