'Five Nights At Freddy's' Worst Part Happened Out Of The Game

'Five Nights At Freddy's' Worst Part Happened Out Of The Game

Five Nights At Freddy's is probably as popular as any horror game series has ever been. That's a pretty big deal, considering that not even Scott Cawthon, its creator, originally wanted to make horror games. For the longest time, Cawthon just wanted to make games for kids, until he one day got a scathing review calling out his character designs for being straight-up creepy:

The harsh (but fair) comments kicked Cawthon down into depression, but that inspired him to channel the creepiness of his art into the right vessel to create a hit

His new game resonated with tons of players, including those in the LGBTQIA+ community … until a few days ago.

In June of 2021, it was discovered that Cawthon had been donating for big names in the republican party, including the one who looks like Happy Frog. Backlash naturally came about, to which Cawthon replied that he really loves the LGBTQIA+ community and that he doesn't understand why people doubt his words. Weird … Must be something with the whole giving money to politicians actively trying to hurt said community.

To give Cawthon the benefit of the doubt, maybe he isn't a terrible human being -- maybe he really just can't tell between kid-friendly and ghoulish. Upon being urged to pick a side, he picked outside, announcing his retirement from game development. As for an apology to fans feeling betrayed, Cawthon stated:

" they want endless apologies and submission. People who are expecting those from me will get neither."

Apparently, for him, no amount of fan love and money can fill the void left by not being able to give fan love and money to the shittiest politicians imaginable.

Top Image: Lionsgate Games

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