AI Cameras Force Employees To Smile In Order To Print Documents, Enter Office


In yet another example further proving that dystopian tech anthology series Black Mirror is really just a documentary, it seems Canon Information Technology's Bejing office is now taking a note from catcallers everywhere, firmly demanding that their employees smile while at the office – or else. Using grin-detecting facial recognition software, workers are now required to flash their pearly whites to AI cameras in order to complete a multitude of everyday tasks, including printing documents, renting conference rooms, and even entering the office, Business Insider reported. 

"We have been wanting to encourage employees to create a positive atmosphere by utilizing this system with the smile detection setting 'on'," a spokesperson for the company explained. “Mostly, people are just too shy to smile, but once they get used to smiles in the office, they just keep their smiles without the system which created a positive and lively atmosphere.”

Feeling depressed? No memo printing for you! Mouth numb from getting a filling before work? Keep dreaming about booking a conference room! Did you just scarf down a spinach salad on your break only to realize you left your floss at your desk? Have fun showing all your colleagues what you ate for lunch!

Although the software can be turned off, the company insists using the feature helps to “make everyone relax and get healthy with a smile, so as to create a happier working atmosphere and improve efficiency,” and has even begun peddling the tech to other industries. Upon announcing the innovation last October, the company said they plan on marketing their product to places including hospitals, banks, and restaurants, something the company says it “hopes” will "bring joy and health to everyone in the post-epidemic era." 

So, folks, as we adapt to maskless life, remember -- nothing says pure happiness like being forced to smile against your will!

Top Image: Canon Information Technology

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