Australian TV Anchors Represent During Bezos 'Rocket' Story

“Does that look a little odd to you, or is that just me?”
Australian TV Anchors Represent During Bezos 'Rocket' Story

Ahh, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Billionaire entrepreneur, the “Stonks” man incarnate, and the proud owner of a giant johnson-shaped rocket? Despite having a supervillain-level net worth of roughly $200.7 billion, according to Forbes, it seems Bezos still apparently enjoys the cheap thrill of a good 'ol dick joke,  a jest so massive, it singlehandedly prompted two Australian news anchors to absolutely lose their shit on national television. 

While reporting on Bezos's upcoming trip to space this July through his aerospace company, Blue Origin, Australia's Today show hosts Allison Langdon and Karl Stefanovic could hardly keep their focus, erm, erect, after laying eyes on the bizarrely-shaped vessel set to launch the exec into the stratosphere. “Rockets everywhere this morning!” said Langdon with a chuckle, eyeballing the image of the rocket behind her. “Well outdoing his fellow billionaires in the race to space, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos will blast into orbit next month”

“Do you know what they call that?” Stefanovic muses, staring intently at the spaceship. 

“A rocket,” Langdon quips. 

“They call it Blue Origin,” he jokes, barely keeping it together. “Does that look a little odd to you, or is that just me?” 

No, Stefanovic, it is definitely not just you. However, it seems the similarities between the rocket and its erm, inspiration, don't stop at its shape – later in the segment, Langdon asks the show's American correspondent, Alison Piotrowski the question on everyone's mind – how long will the rocket perform?

“I think it's just an hour-long flight,” mused Piotrowski, Stefanovic evidently doing everything in his power to stop himself from making a joke as blue as the company's origin. “Like, it's really brief, Allie.”

All that show for just a short, short, ride. Nice. 

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