Petition Demanding Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Buys and Eats the Mona Lisa Goes Viral

Priceless works of art -- the ultimate forbidden snack.
Petition Demanding Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Buys and Eats the Mona Lisa Goes Viral

Reader, have you ever gazed at Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, admiring the mysterious subject's famed smirk and centuries-old mystique and found yourself wondering just how delicious that roughly 513-year-old paint and wood would taste dissolving onto your tongue? Have you ever fantasized about taking a nice chonk out of the legendary portrait's gold-toned frame? Have you ever dreamed about destroying a beloved late-Renaissance artifact in pursuit of having the ultimate forbidden snack?

Although it seems we, as members of the general public, will never get to sink our teeth into the Mona Lisa, there is one man who plausibly could – none other than billionaire book peddler, turned general supervillain, turned casual astronaut, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. 

Considering this caveat, a year-old petition entitled “We want Jeff Bezos to buy and eat the Mona Lisa” demanding that the entrepreneur do just as its name implies has gone viral on social media over the past few days, with more than 6,100 people begging the billionaire to take one for the forbidden-snack-craving team.Nobody has eaten the mona lisa and we feel jeff bezos needs to take a stand and make this happen,” reads the page's sparse description. Despite its notable lack of capitalization and a plan for how exactly, this consumption will work, it seems these details don't matter in the eyes of the petition's most ardent supporters.

“This is the most important petition in modern times,” wrote one commenter. ”The Mona Lisa has been undigested for too long," added another. 

Yet as Forbes noted, there is one notable monkey wrench in this plan – the Mona Lisa is certifiably not for sale. Although the painting is valued at approximately $60 billion, which is significantly less than Jeff Bezos's roughly $200 billion net worth, the work is owned by the French government and is the Louvre museum's “crown jewel” according to the outlet. As such, even Bezos, with all his billions, would likely have to pry the work from the country's cold, dead hands, especially considering the Mona Lisa is worth chump change compared to the 1 trillion Euros the nation garners in tax revenue each year. 

Although Bezos has stayed mum about whether or not he aspires to eat the painting, there's one thing we know for sure – it probably won't taste too good. Bon appetite, folks!

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