Tinder Installs "Are You Sure?" Safety Function To Deter Gross Messages

Bad news if your go-to Tinder pickup line is asking your match if their pants are from space ...
Tinder Installs "Are You Sure?" Safety Function To Deter Gross Messages

On today's installment of tech companies actually taking common sense into account when fine-tuning their apps, Tinder has decided to install a new feature in an apparent attempt to thwart pickup lines among the likes of asking matches if they have pet insurance or how they like their eggs in the morning – a pop up questioning if users really think its a good idea to send a message telling a hopeful suitor that their dress would look even better on their floor. 

On Thursday, the company announced the introduction of a new "Are You Sure?" or “AYS” safety feature which uses inappropriate language-detecting AI to provide singles with real-time warnings over messages that will more likely than not end up being the unwitting butt of several group-chat jokes. “ uses AI to detect harmful language and proactively intervenes to warn the sender their message may be offensive, asking them to pause before hitting send,” the company explained in a statement. “The AI was built based on what members have reported in the past, and it will continue to evolve and improve over time.”

Now, reader, I know what you're probably thinking, especially if you, like me, have traversed the bleak hellscape that can often be modern dating apps – “what is a warning message going to do in stopping the gross people from questioning if my pants are from space?" Well, it seems the answer is apparently a lot. According to Mashable, early testing on the feature found that these messages reduced harmful language included in correspondences by more than 10 percent, with members who received the AYS pop-up being less likely to be reported for inappropriate DMs over the next month.

"The early results from these features show us that intervention done the right way can be really meaningful in changing behavior and building a community where everyone feels like they can be themselves," explained Tracey Breeden, who is Match Group's (Tinder's parent company) Head of Safety and Social Advocacy.

So folks, with the weekend upon us, have fun and don't be gross after swiping right – and if not, it seems Tinder will have some choice words for you. 

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