Based on the Robert Kirkman comic of the same name, Amazon's Invincible is less an animated adult superhero series and more of a public service announcement that you or your loved ones now have a daddy fetish. Yeah, Invincible isn't really interested in your opinion on the matter. It's simply here to inform you of your new kink and to inspire just a shit-ton of DILF fanart thanks to the character of Nolan Grayson, aka the superhero Omni-Man.

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Voiced by J. K. Simmons -- which explains his J. Jonah Jameson vibes -- Nolan is the latest in a growing line of sexy animated dads. While Pixar and other companies were busy breaking the Butt slider with their movie moms' designs, animated dads have been slowly trying to get aboard that same train (named the Freud Express.) It probably started with Mr. Incredible and, according to some, peaked with Benja from Raya and the Last Dragon. But Omni-Man is sure to outshine them because he definitely out-dads them.

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Nolan's superhero name might as well have been Super DILF because he's basically Superman if he was a suburban dad. He gets up at ungodly early hours, seems to take pleasure in playfully embarrassing his son, and delivers life lessons to him via metaphors that are so dad they probably argue out loud with TV anchors. If Nolan and his son, the titular Invincible, couldn't fly and instead had to drive, you bet your ass Super DILF would play shit like Steely Dan​ and insist that they're the best band in the world even if his son's friends were right there in the car with them. That's how dad he is. He's so dad, in fact, that he literally comes from a race of Mustache Aliens.

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In the first episode, it's established early on that Nolan is actually an alien from the planet Viltrum. Now the hilarious thing about it is that "Viltrum" is apparently a play on the word "philtrum," which is that groove between your nose and upper lip because Kirkman wanted the aliens' name to subtly point to the fact that every single male of the species sports a dad 'stache. If you've seen the entire series, go back and check out all the Viltrum flashback scenes. Not a single naked philtrum in sight. Just a sea of ripped, fur-lipped alien dads from Planet Mustache.

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And without giving too much away, yes, it's true that the character's sexy dad vibe slightly wanes as the show goes on and … stuff about Nolan is revealed, but, hey, people are still calling the Tall Vampire Lady from Resident Evil "mommy" and begging her to step on them so… People will just like what they like, we guess. So if your SO starts suddenly getting really into Invincible, maybe consider growing a thick lip-tickler of your own and start sneezing hard enough to break a rib. They'll be calling you "daddy" in no time (and meaning it.)

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