Michael B. Jordan Opens Up About Chadwick Boseman, Potential Killmonger Return in Black Panther Sequel


Well, folks, with its brand new release date, it seems Marvel fans everywhere are set to see the latest installment of Black Panther pretty darn soon – like next year, soon – a fact it the award-winning and retainer-breaking-ly attractive actor, Michael B. Jordan is seemingly pretty excited about, too. “I like that," Jordan, who according to some sources is not related to Chicago Bulls legend, Michael J. Jordan, said on Variety's “Just For Variety” podcast after learning of the upcoming film's title. " … Marvel does great, amazing work and the characters are awesome." 

Yet it seems a large part of Jordan's reaction relates to the film's creative team finding a way to continue the iconic franchise after the devastating loss of Chadwick Boseman, the actor behind the film's titular hero who passed away last August from colon cancer. Boseman was just 43 years old. 

“We all took a hit with the loss of Chadwick, so for them trying to figure out how to move forward, I know it’s not an easy thing to do,” Jordan continued. "So the fact that they settled on a title and figuring out this story, I think is truly incredible. If anybody could figure it out, it’s Ryan Coogler and Kevin Feige.”

However, Jordan's reverence for his co-star became even more apparent with his reaction to the then-newly released trailer hyping up Marvel's phase four films, set to hit theaters over the next two years, choking up as late Marvel legend, Stan Lee said “that man, he's your brother,” over footage of him and Boseman. 

“Wow,” Jordan responded, apparently moved. “Stan Lee saying that? I got to check it out.”

Aside from discussing his co-star, Jordan also shared whether or not fans can expect his villainous character to make a return in the upcoming film. “I’ll go with a solid two," Jordan said. “I didn’t want to go zero. Never say never. I can’t predict the future.”

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