YouTube's Next Vlog Stars Are ... Prince William And Kate Middleton?

"Be sure to smash that like and subscribe button!" - Prince William, probably.
YouTube's Next Vlog Stars Are ... Prince William And Kate Middleton?

Move over, Benjamin-dropping, Mr. Beast, the queen of crying on the kitchen floor, Trisha Paytas, and Dream, in all of his alleged one-in-a-million Minecraft cheating glory, there's another vlogger on the scene, seemingly ready to compete for that sweet, sweet internet clout – none other than *checks notes* ... the royal family? In what may be the strangest career shift since Frankie Muniz became a racecar driver, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are about to embark on their latest venture – launching a YouTube Channel. 

“By the way, be careful what you say now, ‘cause these guys, they’re filming everything,” William says to Kate before, pointing at the camera, before the video announcing their channel delves into a highlight reel depicting what appears to be the in-s and out-s of their royal duties, meeting children, seemingly volunteering, walking, flying in helicopters, and handing out awards, to name a few. 

With news of the royal's YouTube debut, Twitter, like it does with most major announcements, had opinions, questioning whether they'd go the same route as other family vloggers …

… debating if this is a desperate attempt for political power …

… imagining their future sponsorship deals …

… and even asking themselves how long it'll take for the couple to fall in line with some of the site's most controversial stars. 

So folks, remember – if you're ever bored of just being rich, try vlogging! It's so easy, Jake Paul can do it!

Top Image: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

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