Darth Vader Actor Didn't Know 'Empire Strikes Back' Iconic Twist During Filming


Well, folks, it turns out that Star Wars supervillain Darth Vader is just like us – and I'm not just talking about the anger issues. According to an original script for Star Wars: Episode V -- The Empire Strikes Back owned by David Prowse, who physically embodied the character on screen, it seems the actor was kept in the dark surrounding his character's secret familial ties to Luke while filming the movie, a testament to just how shocking the film's iconic twist was at the time. 

Although James Earl Jones voiced the legendary galactic adversary, Prowse was given a copy of the script, too, with one major caveat. Instead of reading his character's iconic line, telling Luke that “I am your father” during their lightsaber showdown, his script had the following tidbit in its place: 

"Luke, we will be the most powerful in the galaxy. You will have everything you could ever want... do not resist... it is our destiny."

According to Andy Stowe, one of East Bristol Auctions auctioneers, Prowse wasn't alone in being left out of the loop. "The only people that knew I think were about three or four members of the cast," he noted, citing how important it was that the reveal remained top secret.

However this was far from the only surprise Prowse encountered while creating the iconic film. Although according to Stowe, "he was very much hired for his physical attributes," Prowse reportedly thought that he would provide Darth Vader's voice during the filming of the franchise's first installment, Star Wars: Episode IV -- A New Hope, he was surprised to learn that Jones actually voiced the character, CNN noted in their coverage. 

The script is set to be auctioned on May 4, a.k.a. Star Wars Day, because of course it is. 

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