Susan Sarandon Posts Cat Photo, Unwittingly Sparks Heated Discourse on Bookshelves

Some say the actress's organization methods aren't the cat's meow.
Susan Sarandon Posts Cat Photo, Unwittingly Sparks Heated Discourse on Bookshelves

Well, folks, I regret to inform you that stars aren't always just like us – and by stars, I specifically mean beloved Academy Award-winning actress, Susan Sarandon and by aren't always just like us, I mean they sometimes store their books in a manner so inexplicably bizarre, it sparks a Twitter-wide controversy. On Monday, the iconic performer, who has recently used her platform of more than 711,000 followers on Twitter to speak out about important social issues including racial disparities in marijuana arrests and gun control, took to the social platform with a wholesome snap of her cat, presumably named Sweetie, relaxing in her cat condo. 

Even with the star's adorable pet napping in the foreground, one background element of Sarandon's photo stole the show,  – what appears to be two free-standing hat-topped book towers. A seemingly inconsequential element of the photo, the actress's apparent method of book storage sparked a social media controversy, with fans claiming her setup as less than purrrr-fect. While some noted that Sarandon may be employing a minimalist (albeit pretty anxiety-inducing) “spine bookcase" which is seemingly designed to resemble a stack of books with less potential for unfortunate mishaps, fans were not deterred, questioning what, exactly, happens when she wants to get at a book in the middle of the pile … 

…  asking how she avoids a seemingly inevitable cat-bookstack disaster …. 

… and inquiring her methods for keeping her cool in the face of what appears to be such chaos. 

Meanwhile, others demanded she pick up a bookcase … 

… with some even offering to pay for the item themselves. 

So folks, remember, always check the backgrounds of your photos before hitting send, lest you face the unwarranted opinions of the internet. 

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