Mystery Tree Monster Is Actually Just A Croissant, Officials Confirm

Who knew a rogue croissant could cause such a fiasco.
Mystery Tree Monster Is Actually Just A Croissant, Officials Confirm

On today's episode of baked goods singlehandedly terrorizing a Polish city, a mystery tree monster that kept citizens hiding indoors turned out nothing more than a rogue croissant. According to the BBC, when animal welfare officials in Krakow, Poland responded to a strange report of a mysterious critter lurking in a nearby tree earlier this month, local residents were so afraid of the mysterious monster, they refused to leave their homes. “This creature … he's been sitting in a tree across the block for two days,” a woman reportedly told the animal authorities of what she believed was a "legwan" or iguana-like creature apparently (not so) single layered-ly bringing their daily life to a screeching halt, per Today. "People don't open windows because they're afraid it's going to enter their house!"

After confirming that the call was not, in fact, an April Fools Day prank, the experts went to see the animal for themselves. Although they were skeptical that the mystery being in question was a reptile considering Poland's chilly, early spring climate, they believed the creature could have been a pet set loose by an irresponsible owner. As such, the animal officials chose not to be flaky (much unlike the croissant they were about to find), feeling the knead to investigate further. 

To their surprise, the animal was not in fact a terrifying monster but a piece of fancy bread casually hanging out somewhere it clearly dough-not belong. In a flowery incident report posted to Facebook, Inspector Adam shared his theory that a resident threw the pastry outdoors to feed the birds, "and the poor guy got stuck in the fork of lilac twigs (He was sitting there and looked pretty good, releasing his imagination, taking on reptilians, he was almost moving, he was already preparing for the invasion, he was already beginning to look like a dragon child, the surrounding virgins were already trembling...."

Shortly after the very dramatic account was shared online, the croissant in question began garnering a strong fanbase, receiving roughly 10,000 likes and even its own fan art tribute.

Croissants – desserts or tree monsters?

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