Kayaker Stranded On Scottish Isle Without Paddle

Uh oh ...
Kayaker Stranded On Scottish Isle Without Paddle

It seems one kayaker took the old adage of being up shit's creek without a paddle a little too literally (and conspicuously sans either of the Levys), finding himself stranded on a Scottish isle without an oar. Earlier this month, a man row, row, row-ed his boat from England to the remote island of Inchtavannach, one of the Loch Lomond Islands in South Scotland for an Easter weekend camping trip, not only bypassing Covid-19 lockdown restrictions but breaking the cardinal rule of kayaking – don't lose your paddle. 

After taking a walk on Tuesday afternoon, the man returned to his boat to discover that his paddle had suddenly vanished, The Guardian reported. Fortunately, the stranded paddler apparently had cell service and was able to contact local authorities and request the aquatic equivalent of a tow. “The local lifeboat service were contacted and the incident handed to them," a representative of the Police Scotland told the outlet. "The man was rescued safe and well.”

Yet in light of this unfortunate accident, the Loch Lomond Rescue Boat issued a statement on Facebook, warning other travelers of the dangers of not only losing your paddle to the tides but breaking Covid-19 lockdown rules. “The rescue boat was launched and located the person on the island and safely transferred himself and his equipment over to his car at Aldochlay. LLRB then returned to Luss and stood down," the organization wrote on Facebook.“This person had travelled from England to camp on the island for the Easter weekend. Please could we remind all to stick to the Covid rules and keep people safe.”

So folks, remember, if you're going kayaking, please always keep a good handle on your paddle – like, that's boating 101.

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