The 'Loki' Trailer Teases Glorious Buddy-Cop, Time-Traveling Chaos


Well, folks, it seems a new incarnation of our favorite Norse trickster has officially returned to the MCU and no, we're not talking about (spoiler alert) Matt Damon potentially reprising his role as a popular Asgard-ian thespian. On Monday, Marvel dropped a new trailer for Loki, the highly-anticipated Disney+ series hitting the streaming platform series this summer, and it high-ki looks like one hell of an intergalactic ride. 

In what appears to be the MCU's answer to Suicide Squad's decidedly chaotic villain working-for-the-government movie premise, the show centers around a “variant” of Loki, one who managed to cheat death and “broke reality” by picking up the Tesseract. Now apparently imprisoned, it appears our new villian has finally met his match – the highly bureaucratic Time Variance Authority, an agency tasked with keeping time in check and patching up the multiverse. Amid paperwork and interrogation, interrogation, all set inside the TVA's facility, which Comic Book Review aptly described as an “ancient DMV lobby”, Loki meets Owen Wilson's, Mobius M. Mobius, a classic, albeit intergalactic, seasoned agent, who guides him on their sci-fi/buddy-cop misadventures, fighting (presumably) bad guys, blowing things up, and even enjoying a snack at what appears to be their corporate office. 

Yet as Screen Rant noted, this trailer gives us more than just a glimpse at what Thor's evil brother would do when presented with a literal mountain of paperwork, hinting at the scope of the post-Endgame Marvel multiverse. In one shot, us viewers are presented with a single timeline - presumably, the one Loki accidentally broke – with several lines off shooting from its main branch, a hint at how deep the implications of Loki's mishap may run. 

So folks, although it may be unclear what timeline-hijinks our dream team may get up to, there is one thing that's certain, Tom hiddleston's Loki – and Wilson's Mobius especially -- will probably “wow” us.


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