'Thor: Love And Thunder' Behind-The-Scenes Snaps Hint At Two Stars' Return -- And A Surprise Cameo

'Thor: Love And Thunder' Behind-The-Scenes Snaps Hint At Two Stars' Return -- And A Surprise Cameo

A little less than a year from Thor: Love And Thunder's highly-anticipated February 2022 release date, the rumor mill is already running steady, leaving several hints for what -- or who -- we can expect to see for The God of Thunder's upcoming big-screen installment. The latest confirmed appearance for the upcoming Marvel flick? None other than Thor and his antihero brother, Loki -- well, kinda. 

Several on-set snaps depicting Asgard's finest thespians portraying the contentious siblings emerged on Twitter, likely confirming what we've all been hoping -- the Thor and Loki stage show, starring Matt Damon and Luke Hemsworth is returning for a highly-dramatic encore to their celebrated 2017 performance.

On Tuesday, several images were leaked to Twitter, depicting Hemsworth(a.k.a Thor's IRL brother) Damon reprising their respective iconic roles as Thor and Loki, with the pair pictured gracing the stage in their heroic getup ...

... hanging out behind the scenes with director Taika Waititi ...

... and relaxing near an on-set trailer. Fun!

...  however, they're far from the only celeb appearing to join the year's hottest (and perhaps only) live theatrical production. According to several other leaked photos, comedian Melissa McCarthy is set to take the stage as Hela, the duo's elder sister. 

It's gonna be a good sequel folks, now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to find my favorite pair of opera glasses -- 2022 is right around the corner!

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