Amid Matt Gaetz Allegations, A Guy Named 'Matt Gertz' is Having A Very Rough Day

PSA: Matt Gertz is NOT Florida Representative Matt Gaetz
Amid Matt Gaetz Allegations, A Guy Named 'Matt Gertz' is Having A Very Rough Day

On Tuesday, the New York Times dropped a bombshell report, alleging that Matthew Gaetz, a Republican Representative from Florida and ally to former President Trump may have found himself in a heap of trouble, allegedly “being investigated by the Justice Department over whether he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old and paid for her to travel with him,” three sources told the paper. Furthermore, the report alleged with officials purportedly “examining whether Mr. Gaetz violated federal sex trafficking law.”

In the midst of this scandal, Twitter users have taken it upon themselves to dunk on Gaetz left, right, and center, making fun of his interactions with Fox News anchor, Tucker Carlson …

… and bringing up a handful of tweets that have aged very …

… very poorly, all things considered. 

Amid this whirlwind, it seems one unrelated player has found himself unwittingly swept up in the mix – Matthew Gertz, a Senior Fellow at left-leaning watchdog group, Media Matters, whose only association with the debacle appears to be the unfortunate coincidence of having a name only a handful of letters off from the aforementioned representative. 

Since the story and its accompanying allegations broke earlier this week, Gertz has found himself in the crossfire, his Twitter mentions apparently exploding with misguided messages condemning the allegations against his eponymous doppelganger …

… mentioned in discussions of Rep.Gaetz potentially leaving office to take a writing gig at Newsmax 

… and even facing some very confusing warnings.  

Facing a sudden influx of ire, Gertz has very patiently replied to nearly every single tweet implicating him in the situation, attempting to correct those mistaking him for his political counterpart with two simple words – “wrong guy.”

Despite the extremely unfortunate case of mistaken identity, Gertz has kept his head held high, thanking fans for having his back in these trying times …

… cracking jokes about how his week has been going so far … 

… and cheekily updating his Twitter bio. 

After a long day of fending off spell-check-less netizens, Gertz took a moment to send a message to his followers and those who had his back when he apparently couldn't type “wrong guy” fast enough. “Thanks everyone for all the thoughts, prayers, jokes, drinks, and polite tweets from my followers to people informing them that they have got the wrong guy!” he wrote on Tuesday evening. 

So folks, remember when taking to Twitter to lambast a questionable politician allegedly involved in some reportedly very shady activities, make sure you have their name right first. Here's to hoping Matt Gertz never has to type the words “wrong guy” again for a very long time. 

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