Gross & Freudian: Universal Studios' New Line Of Movie Themed Food

You’ve seen 'Jaws' the movie, now try the hot dog.
Gross & Freudian: Universal Studios' New Line Of Movie Themed Food

Universal Studios theme parks have had a fair share of movie-based food products over the years, from Krusty Burgers to Butterbeer to Doc Brown's Chicken, the only fried poultry with a disgraced, virtually homeless, physics professor's personal seal of approval. Now Universal Studios Japan is celebrating its 20th year of existence with a wide range of foods themed around famous Universal films ... and they're real weird-looking, you guys.

For starters, there's the "Jaws Dog," which, let's not beat around the bush here, is the shark from Jaws with a giant wiener sticking out of its mouth. It's as if the culinary wizards behind this promotion took inspiration from both the film and one of our old articles.

And maybe we're just seeing dicks everywhere at this point, but the "E.T. Chocolate Crunch Sundae" looks like they Google image-searched "E.T." and accidentally modeled the ice cream treat off of an erotic DeviantArt sketch of Spielberg's beloved alien.

There's also a churro featuring the Back to the Future DeLorean, a Minion burger (for those curious about what Minion meat tastes like) and weirdly a Terminator "beef bun" -- presumably titled as such because the first two are good and any more than that will make you feel like garbage. Weirdest of all, there's a "Backdraft Super-Smoked Turkey Leg" -- which is just a large bag of meat seemingly cooked in the smoldering heat from the fire that killed Kurt Russell in the 1991 Ron Howard movie.

While these all look like photoshopped April Fool's Day jokes, they are apparently real things you can buy and eat beginning on March 12th. Maybe we'll make the trip if they decide to offer some "Jurassic Pork Rinds" or "Pasta and the Furious" or the "Waterworld Recycled Kevin Costner Urine Cocktail."

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Top Image: Universal Studios Japan

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