'The Simpsons' Has Been Renewed For Two More Seasons Because of Course It Has

Please make it stop.
'The Simpsons' Has Been Renewed For Two More Seasons Because of Course It Has

The inevitable has happened once again. On the eve of The Simpsons  700th episode hitting airwaves later this month, it seems primetime's longest-running scripted TV show will officially exceed its already record-breaking milestone, having been renewed for two new seasons, Variety reported. Wow! Who could have possibly seen this coming? 

On Wednesday, Fox announced that the very, very, very long-running cartoon will continue on for a 33rd and 34th season, which are set to air by 2023, further proving the theory that The Simpsons has mutated into an immortal institution of our universe somewhere in its five-decade spanning run. "Everyone at 'The Simpsons' is thrilled to be renewed once more, and we are planning lots of big surprises," the show's creator, Matt Groening said in a statement following the not-so-shocking announcement. "Homer will lose a hair, Milhouse will get contact lenses, and Bart will celebrate his tenth birthday for the thirty-third time." 

Although many aspects of the show have remained the same throughout the past 32 years, some elements of the show have thankfully evolved over time. Last month, Harry Shearer, famed for voicing Ned Flanders, Principal Skinner, and Mr. Burns, among other characters stepped down from voicing Dr. Hibbert. In his place, Kevin Michael Richardson, a longtime Simpsons regular and voice-acting legend will portray the character going forward, the first Black actor to do so, according to BBC News. 

"Times change, but I actually didn't have a problem with the way we were doing it,” Groening told the British outlet of his thoughts on the casting change-up. "All of our actors play dozens of characters each, it was never designed to exclude anyone. Bigotry and racism are still an incredible problem and it’s good to finally go for more equality and representation."

So folks, just like we knew it would, it seems The Simpsons isn't going anywhere for at least the next two years -- and possibly beyond. In the end times, all that'll be left on this earth will be Twinkies, cockroaches, and a single surviving soul, tasked with the daunting duty of creating new Simpsons episodes. 

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