Get A Master's Degree In The Beatles (For $25,000)

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Get A Master's Degree In The Beatles (For $25,000)

There are two kinds of people: Those who believe that universities are for receiving a practical education that gets you a good career and a stacked 401k, and those who studied the Arts. But in the city of Liverpool, UK, those creative slackers can get as rich as their banker besties just by listening to Beatles albums over and over again. 

Liverpool, the birthplace of all the Fab Four, takes its Beatlemania very seriously. That's why the prestigious University of Liverpool is now offering a Master's Degree in Beatles Studies. For the very reasonable tuition of $25,0000, students can enroll in The Beatles: Music Industry and Heritage, a one-year advanced degree that will teach everything from A Day in the Life to Your Mother Should Know.

Money can't buy you love, but it will buy you the most hipstery degree in the world. 

Sadly, those interested in Advanced LSD Taking or Yellow Submarine Repair 501 will have to look elsewhere (like Liverpool Hope University, which also offers a postgraduate degree in advanced mod-emathics). The U of L course focuses more on The Beatles' impact "within heritage, culture and tourism in the 21st Century." And there is nothing more culturally significant in Liverpool than the Beatles. Aside from countless statues, every other major Liverpudlian landmark has been named after one of the band members: George Harrisson has been memorialized by a grand woodland park, Paul McCartney's old home has been granted a historical preservation status by the British national trust, and John Lennon was the first person ever to have an international airport named in his honor. Even Ringo Starr has something named after him: A baggage carousel. Inside of the Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

Peterjgerloff, Wikimedia Commons
Even that carousel can keep a better rhythm than Ringo.

So what could you possibly do with a Beatles degree apart from freelancing as a bed protester? In Liverpool, knowing your Help! from your Let It Be can get you a very cushy job. The course's emphasis on tourism and culture will enable graduates to get in on the massive pot of 82 million pounds (about 115 million dollars) of income that the city of Liverpool generates each year from its Beatles museums, Beatles-themed hotels, and restaurants, and Beatles guided tours. Beatles tourism is one of Liverpool's largest industries, so much so that it has influenced its city planning -- it's the only city that paints its street names on the buildings because people kept stealing the Penny Lane sign.

Jeffrey, Flickr
And it's not easy carrying that sign down the long and winding road.

So if you want a cushy job spouting dad-facts about the White Album, best head to the Yoko Ono Lennon Center, the new 22 million pound university building dedicated to The Beatles department. You can't miss it; it's the one that's bigger than the theology department.

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Top Image: Wiki Commons, Lauren Gerson/Wiki Commons

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