The USPS's New Mail Trucks Look Like Something Straight Out of 'Cars'

A Pixar-looking truck may soon deliver your packages.
The USPS's New Mail Trucks Look Like Something Straight Out of 'Cars'

It's been a tough year for the USPS. Leadership woes, cost-cutting measures, and a presidentially-perpetuated PR problem so pervasive, Seinfeld's mailman nemesis Newman emerged from retirement to assure Americans that the mail system would not horrifically fail during the 2020 election.  

Months after the crisis came to a head last fall, it seems things may be looking up for our nation's mail system, as the institution welcomes a brand-new fleet of delivery trucks. On Tuesday, the government agency announced they had awarded a contract aimed at launching a "multi-billion-dollar modernization of postal delivery vehicle fleet," with the intent of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the press release explained

The only catch, or, well not catch? These cars are absolutely adorable. Short and squat, they contain massive windshields and teeny-tiny little wheels. Like a corgi of mail delivery vehicles, these trucks are almost too cute to deliver your questionable 3 a.m. Amazon purchases, a sentiment several echoed online ...

... noting how these trucks would fit in perfectly in a Disney film ...

... a Richard Scarry children's book ...

... and on the field of a Superbowl. Nice!

Set to hit the streets as soon as 2023, the introduction of these vehicles is the light at the end of a long tunnel, something to look forward to in these dystopian times. Cheers!

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