Taco Bell Did What We All Knew It Would: Stuffed A Fried Chicken Sandwich In A Taco

Taco Bell Did What We All Knew It Would: Stuffed A Fried Chicken Sandwich In A Taco

Move over Popeyes, Chic-fil-A,  and KFC, there's a new player in the long and poultry-ous chicken sandwich wars -- none other than the world-renowned sandwich joint and fried chicken spot, Taco Bell? Earlier this week, the Mexican-inspired fast-food chain announced that they have taken their slogan of "Live Mas" to a whole new level, entering the battle for the ultimate chicken sandwich with their new "Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco."

Consisting of an "all-white piece of chicken" "marinated" within a "jalapeno buttermilk" creation, "fried with a crunchy tortilla chip coating," the drunken late-night staple's answer to a chicken patty will come nestled within a presumably biscuit-y taco-shaped "puffy bread" creation and kissed with a "creamy chipotle sauce," with optional slices of jalapeno for a bit more spice, CNN reported

"Is it a sandwich or a taco? You decide," Taco Bell's Twitter account wrote on Monday, alongside a snap of their new fare. "Try our new Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco in regular or spicy."

Launching as a part of a limited test run in the chicken capitals of Nashville, Tennessee and Charlotte, North Carolina beginning March 11, the creation will face the judgement of southern chicken connoisseurs before rolling out to Taco Bells across the nation. Yet as Eater noted, this is far from Taco Bell's first time at the fried Chicken rodeo. As sandwich fans lined up outside of Popeyes everywhere in search for their famed chicken sandwiches in 2019, Taco Bell was already offering their own crispy poultry fare, "briefly" serving a "crispy tortilla chicken" as well as their answer to KFC's infamous double down -- the naked chicken chalupa, a certifiably heart-attack-inducing snack featuring a fried chicken taco shell. My arteries hurt just writing this.

Anyways, if all goes well next month, it seems we may be able to have our fried chicken taco and eat it too -- complete with that awkward, taco-biting head turn. Cheers!

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