Two Moons Lit Up Dubai's Sky Earlier This Week

Two Moons Lit Up Dubai's Sky Earlier This Week

That's no moon -- that's an Emertai government celebration? Earlier this week, citizens of Dubai were surprised to see two moons illuminate their night sky. However, it seems the sight wasn't a sign of the end times or a strange case of widespread double vision -- it was a commemorative projection in honor of the United Arab Emirates' unmanned Hope Probe spacecraft reaching Mars, and the red planet's two moons, Phobos and Deimos.

"Raising scientific questions about Mars’ weather, two Martian moons appeared in Al Qudra desert in a first of its kind experiment to celebrate #HopeProbe’s arrival at Mars," the post reads alongside a supercut of what appears to be several cell phone videos of the occasion. 

So how exactly did this work? Just like the mission to the red planet, presumably, a lot of high-tech equipment. "Two giant 100-meter cranes and an advanced 40-meter screen were used to project ‘Phobos and Deimos,’ making them appear realistically in the sky and visible long distances," the government explained in a subsequent post, an image of their strangely realistic setup accompanying the Tweet.

Technology these days! Even better than photoshop, apparently. 

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