Late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Honored Through Overpriced Apartments

Late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Honored Through Overpriced Apartments

Move over, inspirational posts and heartfelt memorials, there's apparently a new way to remember the life and legacy of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who passed away last September at the age of 87 -- using her name to sell absurdly overpriced Washington D.C. apartments. "At The Ginsburg, you can live in the heart of the city in a building named for the heart of justice,” reads the complex's website, which peddles apartments near D.C.'s historic DuPont Circle, including a two-bedroom going for the eye-watering price of $6,900 per month. Supposedly "flush with historic details and modern conveniences," the property's website seems to be catering to a hyper-specific audience, President Joe Biden's White House staffer--, sorry, absurdly wealthy individuals, only temporarily living in the city, "You're here to make your mark on the city. Your time here may be short, but the need for elevated living remains," the site continues, further proving every single person on The Ginsburg's marketing team is absolutely unable to read even a ridiculously expensive room. 

Despite the building's, erm, robust advertising campaign, several Twitter users quickly dissented the apartment complex's cringe-worthy branding in the Supreme Court of public opinion -- Twitter. On Tuesday, user @hannnahmmarie posted a sign for the new property on her page,  her shady remarks on the entire Ginsburg-themed debacle quickly going viral. "In honor of the former Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg," she captioned the snap, a quote from the advertisement depicted, in a tweet that has garnered more than 14,800 likes. 

Amid this strange marketing ploy, several netizens began contributing ideas to make the odd real estate memorial more, erm, true to life, referencing her mostly white team of clerks ...

... creating new policies on paying rent during the pandemic ...

... and even adding an Amy Coney Barrett nod into the mix. 

So folks, although The Notorious RBG carries an important -- although complicated -- legacy, let's maybe refrain from honoring her through overpriced, gentrified buildings. Come on now. 

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