Eagle-Eyed Fans Draw Similarities Between Old Episodes of 'The Simpsons,' Capitol Attack

I wonder what Matt Groening's 2021 bingo card looks like ...
Eagle-Eyed Fans Draw Similarities Between Old Episodes of 'The Simpsons,' Capitol Attack

Well, folks, it seems Matt Groening and his band of psychic writers have struck again -- a number of eagle-eyed social media users realized that like many of the oddities of the past decade and change, The Simpsons, in fact, predicted parts of Wednesday's attack on our nation's Capitol. 

From a clip of the show's 1996's SchoolHouse Rock Parody, "I'm an amendment to be," in which a horde of angry, hyper-conservative bills charge at the house carrying guns and explosive devices...

... to a screencap of Homer stealing a statue ...

... and even a recent Treehouse of Horror sketch illustrating the worst-case-scenario terrors that would arrive come January 2021 ...

... the creative minds behind the Springfield Extended Universe (SEU?) have seemed to predict a lot of the grossness of the past few days. 

Amid the Twitterstorm once again highlighting Matt Groeing and Co's apparent psychic powers, Matt Selman, the show's executive producer verified some of these connections, posting two side-by-side images of photos from the riot and screengrabs of Homer respectively stealing a statue and arresting a person appearing to wear a boar head. 

However, there was also some false information afoot --  namely, a pervasive rumor that the long-running cartoon accurately predicted "boar head man", with fans citing an altered illustration of Groundskeeper Willie dressed exactly like the recognizable rioter. 

"To clarify: @TheSimpsons did not PREDICT this," Selman wrote alongside the now-viral fake image. "Someone made this yesterday AFTER it happened."

Now, reader, I'll level with you. Many of us had a gut feeling some dumb atrocity of this caliber would go down, threatening our democracy at some point during President Trump's time in office, so this actually isn't that impressive, but hey, they're pretty spot on. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to binge-watch all 500-something episodes of The Simpsons -- after a devastating loss in 2020, I am determined to choo-choo-choose my 2021 current events bingo card more wisely this time around. 

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