On today's episode of wholesome content to brighten your Monday, Borat 2 newcomer, Maria Bakalova says she's kept in touch with her on-screen babysitter, Jeansie Jones who looked after her while in character as Borat's daughter, Tutar, in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm.  

"I called her on Thanksgiving. It was my first American Thanksgiving and was also my best,"  the Bulgarian actress told the LA Times. "I was so happy to talk to her that I started to cry." 

Under the impression she was partaking in a documentary about child brides, Jones cared for Bakalova's character throughout the course of the film, an integral force in Tutar's journey of building confidence and breaking free from her on-screen father's misogynistic views. After the movie's release last October, the babysitter, who only learned she would appear in Borat's sequel after watching the trailer, quickly became a fan favorite, with viewers lauding her kindness and compassion, a sentiment the young actress says rang true even after the cameras stopped rolling. 

"Jeanise is a true angel," the 24-year-old said of her unwitting co-star. "I will probably always think of her as my godmother, a real hero and life coach. She just wanted to help this girl become a strong woman. We had a real human connection from the very first day we met."

In light of this special bond, Bakalova says she struggled to avoid assuaging Jones' concerns about her wellbeing. "When we were shooting, it was very hard for me, because I wanted to tell her not to worry about me," she explained. "She is a really good example of how important it is to be a good person and care about others."

And it seems this kindness has come full circle. After fans learned Jones was out of work due to the pandemic, they banded together to raise more than $180,000 for the big-screen star, with Borat himself, Sacha Baron Cohen, pitching in $100,000, Vanity Fair reported.

So, Mr. Cohen, if you're reading this, can you please make Borat 3 about Tutar and Jeanise? We need more of their adorably wholesome on-screen antics, pronto. 



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