15 Sneaky Spoilers Hidden In Video Games

15 Sneaky Spoilers Hidden In Video Games

Everyone loves spoilers! Except, no, no they don’t. That’s a load of baloney. And not even the good kind (is there a good kind? Well, fried on a grilled cheese isn’t too bad). The like, nastiest, slimiest kind of baloney. But, foreshadowing is always cool, the hints at twists that can be spoilers if people figure it out. Sometimes, spoilers are tough to find. They’re hidden in the background and take some looking and poking around. Real detective kind of work. Other times, like in Borderlands 2, they're literally spelled out in blood. Right in your face, thrust there by the will of the creators. Hidden in plain sight except not even really hidden. Just hanging out in plain sight. Lots of games have sneaky spoilers hidden for their stories hidden in them, hints and foreshadowing about what’s to come. Sometimes obvious, sometimes ominous, sometimes small and subtle. Those are the kind we prefer.

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