We, both as a culture and specifically here at Cracked have spent a lot of time discussing the existential horrors of Back to the Future, and the relationship between Marty and his mom is no small part of that. Lorraine McFly being desperately horny for a guy she doesn't realize is her son is the primary gag of the movie, but she's fairly blameless there, even sensing when she kisses him that something is off and declining any further activity. What is weird is how horny Marty is for his mom, despite all the uncomfortable faces he pulls, to the point of fully intending to sexually assault her.

A lot is made of Biff's attempted rape of Lorraine, all the people who walked by and didn't try to stop it, etc., but that was the plan going wrong. The plan going right -- Marty successfully sexually assaulting his mom so his dad can intervene and save the day -- would have been so much more horrifying.

Sure, he chickened out, but why was that the plan he went with? That's a first draft that you immediately throw out on the grounds of "Jesus Christ, what is wrong with me?" and then never reveal to anyone that you ever even thought about it. There are numerous ways George could have impressed Lorraine that wouldn't have required nonconsensual time-traveling incest. How many worse ideas did he discard before he settled on "mom rape"? What kind of depraved son of a perfectly nice lady who doesn't deserve this is this creep? Is it because, as we've suggested before, Marty is actually attracted to his mom, despite what he wants us to think?

Whatever the case, we know he's the kind of guy who's willing to not only commit sex crimes for any reason (sure, it saved the future, but again, there were infinite other options) but commit them against his own mother. Actual serial killers don't stoop to that level. You heard it here: Marty McFly is worse than Norman Bates.

Top image: Universal Pictures

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