Fresh off of his presidential pardon, it seems former United States National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, has a new lease on life, using the time he likely once reserved for navigating his self-inflicted legal troubles to embark on a highly-lucrative new business venture --  selling crappy QAnon merch. On Tuesday, Flynn took to Twitter to promote his collaboration with aggressively patriotic apparel company, Shirt Show USA, and their new official #FightLikeAFlynn collection, which aims to raise capital for his newest media endeavor. 

Featuring sweatshirts, hats, and t-shirts bearing the collection's nonsensical name, as well as other QAnon related merch, including tops emblazoned with an abbreviation of the fringe group's popular tag line, "where we go one, we go all," the proceeds from each sale "benefit Digital Soldiers Media," according to the website. A right-wing citizen journalist group, Digital Soldiers Media is a self-described endeavor between Flynn and, a fringe website run by prominent QAnon fan, Tracy Diaz, who helped the conspiracy break into the mainstream, the Daily Beast reported. 

If you're going to make conspiracy theory tops, maybe try to, oh, I don't know, make it actually cute? 

"Ours is a simple cause. America the Beautiful, One Nation, Under God," Flynn wrote on Tuesday, retweeting a notable right-wing's Twitter user's post linking to the web store. "The only change we’re interested in is promoting the reaffirmation of the truth & good old-fashioned American patriotism. 'Our Cause is Just...In God is Our Trust'"

Because nothing says "good old-fashioned Ameican patriotism" quite like a notable public figure selling crap to disenfranchised Americans suckered into joining a "dangerous cult" based on the bogus theory that prominent (mostly democratic) politicians run a satanic, pedophilic sex ring

However, Flynn's new side hustle is far from the first time he's tried to cozy up to QAnon. Forgoing this year's Fourth of July fireworks in favor of taking the QAnon oath on Twitter and appearing on conspiracy-laden podcasts following his pardon, the ex-General has become a full-fledged QAnon celeb, reaching martyr status among fans, according to Insider, with some even alleging that he, himself is actually the group's leader, the eponymous Q. While it's unclear whether or not Flynn actually believes in the movement or is pretending to for personal gain, it should be noted that many of QAnon's beliefs have been debunked, with the FBI dubbing both the group and believers of the pizzagate conspiracy, as "potential vectors for violence," the Washington Post reported. 

So, readers, remember this -- when life gives you lemons -- a guilty sentence for lying to investigators -- you open a lemonade stand -- scamming vulnerable Americans in buying ugly, conspiracy-touting t-shirts to fund your latest career pivot. 2020, folks!

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