Home Depot's Twelve-Foot Skeletons Are Now Used As Christmas Decor

Our bony buddy is back! And more festive than ever.
Home Depot's Twelve-Foot Skeletons Are Now Used As Christmas Decor

Remember that one time Home Depot decided to sell a 12-foot-tall lawn skeleton all for the low, low, price of $299 dollars? 

You know, the certifiably spoopy, hardware-chain Americanization of Japan's legendary Gashadokuro ...

 ... who garnered fame, adoration, and even a healthy smattering of his own fan art on Twitter approximately three months ago?

Well folks, it seems our bony buddy is, back, this time, giving The Nightmare Before Christmas's Jack Skellington a run for his money. Since first making a splash back in September, to the shock and adoration of netizens everywhere, it seems the massive Halloween decoration has proven himself as a skeleton for all seasons, with many of those who purchased him refitting the scary tall boi with a more wintery-look. 

From draping him in Christmas lights ...

... to busting out the ladder and placing an oversized Santa hat atop his skull ... 

... to requesting his help in decorating those hard-to-reach places for those of us that, well, you know, aren't 12 feet tall ...

... and even turning him into Santa's tallest helper (sorry, Buddy the Elf!) ...

He's proven himself to be a worthy vessel for the Christmas spirit. Hey, considering he's worth a tad less than 1/2 of our latest stimulus check, who can blame anyone for wanting to get their money's worth?

This decision was a particularly calculated move for Jeanna Crawford, who is a professional holiday decorator. "I knew instantly he'd be a showstopper dressed in his holiday best," Crawford explained to Insider. "For now, he's here to stay! Now, with everyone needing to stay apart, this is my way to connect to my community."

Crawford isn't alone -- the publication also spoke to Tracy Gilbert, who says she plans on finding ways to keep her skeleton on display year-round. ""I can see him outside of my window, and he just makes me so happy. It's so silly," she explained. "I've gotten my return on investment, which is just how happy he makes me."

So folks, moral of the story? Be like Tracy Gilbert and listen to my investing advice about buying a house-sized skeleton -- the holiday decor for all seasons. You're welcome. 

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