Twitter Adds Disclaimer That Joe Biden Won Fair and Square On POTUS's Tweets

Twitter Adds Disclaimer That Joe Biden Won Fair and Square On POTUS's Tweets

It only took 46 days, an electoral college vote, and two (2) instances of Borat Subsequent Moviefilm's, Rudy Giuliani allegedly ripping ass in court, but it seems Twitter is finally taking a definitive stand against baseless allegations of voter fraud and other unfounded election-related conspiracies. On Saturday, the social network giant announced that it updated its election information messages to acknowledge that Joe Biden won the presidency fair and square, as opposed to previously referencing bogus information about the election as being "disputed."

"Following certification of the results of the 2020 US Presidential Election, we've updated our label to reflect the latest information," a Twitter spokesperson told CNN of the shift to calling Biden by his name. Much unlike other instances of calling one by their name, it is unclear if any peaches were bastardized in this process. 

The new message, which has already been used to debunk one of President Trump's tweets, which falsely alleges he "won in a LANDSLIDE!" despite clearly losing the presidency to Joe Biden last month, reads as follows: "Election officials have certified Joe Biden as the winner of the U.S. Presidential election" The text is hyperlinked and leads to a Twitter news page detailing the democratic party's victory last month. 


The change comes after a number of democracy experts alleged that social platforms weren't doing enough to quell the misinformation surrounding the election, as some sources speculate Trump is looking to make a power grab, overthrowing the results of a fair election.

"They're trying to create a both-sides dynamic when false equivalence misleads people," Alex, Digital Democracy Project at the Demand Progress Educational Fund, explained to CNN earlier this month.

Moral of the story? Vague labels can't singlehandedly stop the spread of false information. Come on, did we not learn anything from QAnon? Ugh. 

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