Meryl Streep Is Now Apparently A Rapper

Is Meryl Streep the best rapper in the game?
Meryl Streep Is Now Apparently A Rapper

It's a question that's captivated the world since 1977's Julia. Can Meryl Streep, the legendary Oscar-winning actress, famed for her dramatic performances in Sophie's Choice, Doubt and The Post bust a rap? For years, we've wondered if Mama Mia's Donna Sheridan should have freestyled atop ABBA's greatest hits, whether Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada would be better suited to head XXL instead of the fictitious Runway magazine. Well reader, after years and years of speculation, all those sleepless nights we spent wondering what, exactly Streep's lyrical flow would sound like,  we finally have our answer. 

On December 4, The Prom, Ryan Murphy's cinematic take on the 2019 Broadway musical of the same name will be released on Netflix, telling the story of a self-obsessed theater star (played by Streep) who visits a small, conservative Indiana town in support of a teen girl who wants to bring her girlfriend to the prom. In anticipation of the film, Netflix released two songs from the movie's soundtrack early, including "Wear Your Crown", an uplifting showstopper featuring some, erm, very unique bars from the 71-year-old actress.

"Gotta wear your crown or your tiara, It's the time to bust out the mascara," Streep says atop a poppy beat "Who needs shade? There's nothing duller, We livin' life in Technicolor, But if your sparkle starts to fade, Go out and start your own parade, And if somebody starts in with new drama, Just go high like Michelle Obama." 

Despite the song's positive and uplifting message, it seems a bit, uh, forced coming from the actress who once won an Academy Award for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady. But hey, who can blame her -- not everyone can spit bars like Shia LaBeouf in the 2003 Disney classic, Holes

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