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COVID-19 has given us convenient excuses for a lot of things. No longer is it shameful to sit in our underwear for weeks at a time, eating only pizza and scrolling through hours of TikTok videos. Nobody even has to know you're on TikTok. You have an anonymous account where you dance ominously in a Richard Nixon mask. But there will be a time when this is all over and we'll finally be able to go beyond the borders of our country, let alone our apartment. You'll want to be able to order a sandwich without looking like you've done nothing over the past nine months but try to conjure the spirits of dead presidents through viral video.

That's where Babbel comes in. Babbel is the world's #1 top-grossing language learning app, with top reviews from the likes of The Economist, The Next Web, PC Mag, and more. With Babbel, you can learn practical vocabulary in 10- or 15-minute bite-size lessons that fit conveniently into your schedule, which shouldn't be a problem because, like, where are you going? It even has speech recognition technology to make sure your pronunciation is on point. Not to turn it into a competition, but it's earned 4.5 stars on both the Google Play Store and App Store over more than 600,000 reviews, so you're already behind.

Do something productive with your socially distant winter. Right now, you can get lifetime access to all 14 languages in Babbel's library for half off of $399 at just $199.

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