Coup-O-Meter Shows Exactly How Screwed Our Democracy is Right Now

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Have the President's baseless accusations of voter fraud following his loss to Joe Biden sparked feelings of nervousness about our nation's future? Do you found yourself spiraling as you weigh the odds of a peaceful power transfer from the Trump administration to the Biden administration -- if that is even a realistic possibility at this point? Are you regularly questioning whether our democracy will still be somewhat intact the morning after inauguration day?

Well, reader, I have good news. No longer must you spend your nights lying awake in bed, contemplating the likelihood of the United States falling following an illegitimate power grab -- the Coup-O-Meter is here for you, taking the guesswork out of calculating our democracy's survival!

Created by Dissent & Company, a collective self-described as " ... designers and organizers who create tools and actions to support organizations working for a more just and democratic world," the tool analyzes several factors to determine just how likely a coup d'etat is at any given moment, displaying the results on a handy-dandy color-coded meter. "Until very recently, most Americans would have said that a coup is very unlikely in the United States," reads a statement on the site. "But public statements by President Trump have made it clear that he would be willing to seize power in a coup if he is not elected to a second term. This site provides background on coups, how they happen in a democracy, and what we can do to prevent one." Thanks, Coup-O-Meter!

Now, as I know you're all dying to know, where exactly do we stand today? According to the tool's Instagram page, we stand at the second to last notch in preparing for a coup, due to factors including the General Services Administration administrator, who was appointed by the president, refusing to acknowledge Joe Biden's victory, the media treating Biden as the president-elect, and Secretary Esper's firing. In other words, we're not totally screwed, but things are looking a bit dicey. Nice!

As Dave Chappelle once ingeniously put it, modern problems require modern solutions. What better way to solve the very modern problem of figuring out how likely we are to experience a potentially nation-destroying presidential coup d'etat than a handy dandy digital tool. 2020, am I right?

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