Madame Tussauds Dumps Trump -- Literally

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Last week, Americans decisively, (and notably sans evidence fraud) voted President Donald Trump out of office after one term, electing Joe Biden as our 46th president of the United States. Yet those casting ballots weren't the first ones to put POTUS in his place this year. On October 30, Berlin's Madame Tussauds Museum dumped Trump -- literally -- throwing his wax figure in a dumpster ahead of the election, Reuters reports. The president's statue was placed in a rolling garbage bin, decked out with one of the president's signature red MAGA hats, signs with phrases like "Fake News!" "You are fired," and "I love Berlin" as well as multiple garbage bags, likely echoing the fantasies of some of the 50.7 percent of voters that supported Trump's Democratic opponent. 

"Today's activity is rather of a symbolic character ahead of the elections in the United States," Orkide Yalcindag, the marketing manager of the museum explained to the news organization. "We here at Madame Tussauds Berlin removed Donald Trump's waxwork as a preparatory measure." Although they may have predicted correctly in the eyes of pretty every credible source, President Trump and some of his supporters still baselessly assert that voting fraud led to his loss.

Now, if only the transition will be this easy come January ...                                                                                                                     

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