Every Episode of Bob Ross' The Joy Of Painting' is Now Free Online

Every Episode of Bob Ross' The Joy Of Painting' is Now Free Online

Tired of watching the not-so-happy little accidents unfold across the United States, as the presidential election drags on into yet another day? Dreaming of leaving this stressful reality behind for just a few moments, running away to a stoic forest, a quiet, snowy mountain, a quaint little mill, or literally anywhere without Twitter? Wishing you could channel your election rage into a creative, albeit, somewhat messy outlet? You're in luck! All 403 episodes of Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting are streaming for free on the late artist's official YouTube channel, according to Boing Boing, welcome news to painters, stoners, and basically, every U.S. citizen weathering the nightmare that has been the past 24 hours.

Although apparently a thing for over five years, as some of the show's first full episodes were uploaded back in 2015, earlier The PBS classic is now available for our stress viewing pleasure.

Whether you like unwinding with some happy little trees ...

... majestic mountains ...

... the adorableness of Ross' rescue squirrels ... 

or the notion that everyone should have a friend -- even the aforementioned happy little trees ...

Bob Ross is here for you in these trying times. Because let's face it -- "Autumn Fantasy" is certifiably better than autumn reality right about now. Happy viewing, folks!

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