Michelle Yeoh Wielding -- and Being -- a Sword is The Twitter Savior We Need Today

Because let's face it, we need all the butt-kicking femme fatale energy we can get today.
 Michelle Yeoh Wielding -- and Being -- a Sword is The Twitter Savior We Need Today

The day is finally here. For better or worse, it's officially every America's absolute favorite, and not at all stress-inducing quadrennial event -- Election Day. Amid the chaos of it all, Trump's weirdly clickbait-y looking YouTube ads ...

... and this, um, very unique (and very clearly edited) video of Joe Biden getting dressed ...


 ... there is one shining beacon of hope amid the chaos -- a glorious Twitter thread of action star Michelle Yeoh looking certifiably badass with swords. "To fortify ourselves on election day, here is a thread of Michelle Yeoh wielding swords," Nancy Wang Yuen, a sociologist and pundit for news sources including BBC, NPR, WaPo, and several other newsy acronyms tweeted early Tuesday morning. 

In one of the few campaign promises that actually came to fruition ...

...Yuen then proceeded to post a number of stills featuring the Crazy Rich Asians actress doing none other than wielding swords ...

... making pretty much everyone's day,  her original post garnering more than 9,200 likes in a handful of hours. Yet Yuen wasn't the only one getting in on the fun. "LOVE IT!" tweeted user @the_moviebob. "If I may be so bold to offer for the collection: Michelle Yeoh (and six other women!) combining into a human megazord - which then uses *one of the other women* as her 'sword,'" he wrote, including a clip from the 1993 wuxia film, Holy Weapon


Massive election day energy. Now, if only the American people could come together and form a human sword, fighting to bring peace, justice, and a sense of general sanity back to the United States ... if only ...

All daydreaming aside, no matter what the outcome is tonight, or, well, whenever those last mail-in ballots arrive, at least we'll always have this wholesomely badass thread of Michelle Yeoh to comfort us as the United States literally goes up in flames, right? Maybe? Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to start hiding out in my doomsday bunker -- see you in 2024, folks! 

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