'On The Rocks' Is Not A Sequel To 'Lost In Translation' ... But We Can Try

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'On The Rocks' Is Not A Sequel To 'Lost In Translation' ... But We Can Try

The trailer for On The Rocks, a new movie by Sofia Coppola starring Bill Murray, just dropped out of nowhere like an anvil of joy falling out of the ether on to Wile E. Coyote's head. It's the first time Coppola and Murray have reunited since the Oscar-winning Lost In Translation, which is widely considered to be a classic rom-com that ranks among the best of all time. (I'd say top 15 personally, but that's if you count all the Fast and Furious movies as rom-coms.) It looks great:

Now, this being Cracked, I'd love to tell you that we found a loose connection that places On The Rocks in the Lost In Translation-verse, or better yet, the Marvel-verse. Sadly, there is no such evidence to be found for either. (Side note: How has Rashida Jones seriously never been in a Marvel movie?) Bill Murray's character in Lost In Translation is named Bob Harris while his role in On The Rocks is named "Felix," so case closed, right? 

Maybe "Bob Harris" is just his stage name, which is fair enough, but there's still the issue of his age. Bob Harris is middle-aged in Lost In Translation and doesn't yet have a daughter. Even if you were to assume that he got busy baby-making the moment after the credits rolled, Rashida Jones reveals her character is 39 in the trailer. Granted, there are ways around this. Jones' character could have been adopted, or she could have been a child that Harris didn't know about and discovered later. The latter theory might be more plausible as Felix seems to be much of a womanizer, and Jones even implies he was a bad father, saying of her own husband, "He's not like you. He's a good dad." Still, I find this theory hard to buy as Bob Harris was a movie star -- He made it Suntory time for Chrissakes. 

Even if "Bob Harris" is Felix's stage name, I would still think Rashida Jones's character's mother, if she wanted to, would be able to track him down with ease.

But maybe she didn't want to? It's certainly happened before with celebrity parents. Maybe this movie takes place shortly after Jones' character and Harris reconnect? Maybe it's a movie about a reconciliation between an estranged daughter with her father and one about a marriage on the rocks? Maybe, much like how Rose from Golden Girls always believed Bob Hope to be her real father, Jones' character believed Bob Harris to be her real father, and then she was right? Wait a minute ... this theory sounds pretty good.

Or maybe On The Rocks takes place in the universe of the actual last collaboration between Coppola and MurrayA Very Murray Christmas. (Whoops, I forgot about that one.)

Damn, it even features Rashida Jones. Back to the drawing board, gang.

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