Thousands Of Maskless Motorcyclists Risk Their Health For ... Smash Mouth?

Thousands Of Maskless Motorcyclists Risk Their Health For ... Smash Mouth?

The United States might have over 5 million confirmed cases of COVID-19, but that didn't stop thousands of our country's brightest (or should I say glitteriest) of minds from attending a Smash Mouth concert in South Dakota on Sunday. The show was only one of many stupid events in the 10-day festival for motorcycle enthusiasts known as the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Still, we're going to focus on Smash Mouth, partly out of a sense of betrayal (you let us down Shrek), and partly because it's just so goddamn stupid. Take a look at the footage below and tell me how many masks you can find in this sea of All-Stars:

Did you spot any? It's like playing Where's Waldo: Sons of Anarchy Edition except instead of looking for a red hat you're just trying to find one person with a brain. For the record, I counted one person wearing a mask, but considering Smash Mouth frontman, Steve Harwell said to the crowd, "Fuck that COVID shit," I'm surprised there were any masks at all. 

It's been feeling like this country has just given up on stopping the spread of COVID-19, but it still boggles the mind every time to see how deeply people appear to not give a shit. I get the American sense of individualism and freedom and apple pie and blah blah blah, but wouldn't you be in the least bit embarrassed to admit that you think listening to Smash Mouth is worth people dying? 

That's not to say we should be going to any concerts. On Saturday night, Tech N9ne played a packed concert at the Regalia Hotel & Conference Center in Lake Ozark, Missouri. No one gave a shit about COVID there either, as you can see from the lack of face masks and social distancing:

And frankly, this is just as frustrating for the populace at large. But to die because someone absolutely had to sing "I'm a Believer" in a crowd full of bikers ... that's an injustice I can't even fathom.

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