Why Are People Turning Everything Into Anime? (Also, Please Continue)

Just give us an anime version of Seinfeld and we can die happy.
Why Are People Turning Everything Into Anime? (Also, Please Continue)

Live-action filming has proven to be exceedingly difficult during the pandemic, but fortunately, many animations studios are still operational. It's why you can expect to add a few extra helpings of anime to your TV diet for the next year or so, and if that feels a little unfamiliar to you, then we know one way you can get acquainted. Fans have been creating anime renditions of existing works. Here's one you might have already seen:

That's a one-off anime episode of Rick and Morty endorsed by Adult Swim and produced by an actual anime studio. It's unclear why this was made other than just to be awesome, but the anime-fication of television seems to be an ongoing trend that we don’t fully understand. Sure, Rick And Morty lends itself well to the tropes of anime. Rick kills aliens with futuristic weaponry on the regular. He’s a Gundam in a lab coat. But try and explain this next one:

We never thought we would see SpongeBob facing off against Bubble Bass in hand to fin combat, but now that we have, how can we want for anything else? SpongeBob slicing through Bubble Bass’s arm reminds of that time Gohan dismembered Piccolo except way more awesome because it’s a freaking sponge!

And there's more where that came from. This SpongeBob anime is part of a series, and if YouTube would stop taking these videos down, we might be able to to see Squidward's final form eventually. Something we can see plenty of, though, is a recreation of all of the most pivotal scenes from Game Of Thrones in anime form.

There's also this video version of Game of Thrones in anime form:

And that's not to be outdone by Link going Super Saiyan on some Guardians.

Which brings us back to another take on Rick And Morty.

Again, it's not clear how this trend got started, but if there’s one good thing to possibly come from locking a bunch of animators inside for the next few months, I hope it's that we get more of these. A humble suggestion: Maybe next time around we can get some anime versions of sitcoms? What would it be like to see Jerry Seinfeld face off against Newman in a no holds barred battle to the death? Would Newman fling razor-sharp letters at Jerry like shuriken? Would Jerry retaliate by powering up with sarcasm? We might never know, but damn, a man can dream.

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Top Image: Sola Entertainment/YouTube/Adult Swim


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