The teaser trailer for Halloween Kills, the sequel to 2018's fourth (?!) attempt to reboot the Halloween franchise hit the internet yesterday. The brief clip doesn't show us much, but indicates that the new movie will pick up immediately after the end of the last one, with three generations of the Strode family in the back of a pickup truck, heckling passing firefighters.

While we now have to wait until 2021 for the movie (thanks to the Michael Myers of viruses) hopefully Halloween Kills won't make the same mistake its predecessor, and so many other Hollywood blockbusters, have made: wasting Judy Greer. For some reason, one of the most charming, talented actresses in Hollywood keeps showing up in giant movies, but in disappointingly disposable roles.

In Halloween, Greer played Laurie's daughter Karen. Despite getting one badass moment at the end, Karen only appeared in a handful of scenes, and her defining characteristic was a love of Christmas sweaters, which is just how she processed her mother's October-based trauma.

'Halloween Kills' Will Probably Continue Hollywood's Wasting Of Judy Greer

She's in some of the biggest movies of recent years, as glorified background characters. In Jurassic World, she played the mom who we briefly see sending her kids to dino island during her divorce. Again her character is named "Karen." In the two Ant-Man movies she shows up as, not surprisingly, the mom character named Maggie (*gasp*). But this time she's already divorced (*double gasp*).

'Halloween Kills' Will Probably Continue Hollywood's Wasting Of Judy Greer

'Halloween Kills' Will Probably Continue Hollywood's Wasting Of Judy Greer

In Disney's Tomorrowland, she played a mom who didn't even show up in the movie; her character was cut out and only shows up in home movies. Which isn't to say that Judy Greer doesn't show up in a ton of other current projects from Archer, to Kidding, to that movie where a dude pretends to be Bigfoot to celebrate Jesus' birthday. But as long as studios are putting her in high-profile movies, maybe they could, you know, give something to do?

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