Can We Get Some Different Superhero Games, Please?


I don't really care about the X-Men showing up in the MCU. Since 2000, we've gotten 12 films that are solely dedicated to their corner of the Marvel universe, so I'm not particularly enthusiastic about the idea of them hanging out with Thor in a shiny Disney coat of paint. I'm pretty X-Men'd out at this point when it comes to live-action movies. But a rad X-Men video game? That's something I could get into.

Making a video game takes a lot of work - hundreds of people spend long hours in thankless roles just so we can complain about how Assassin's Creed Apocalypse didn't live up to Assassin's Creed Omega Ruby on Reddit So when I say "Y'all should make this game!", I don't want to sound like I'm throwing a tantrum over GameStop shelves not having enough Justice League members on them. Rather, I just think now would be a pretty cool time for some new superhero games. Because the last decade or so has pretty much given us Batman and Spider-Man and no one else. Sure, we got that new Ultimate Alliance recently, but I'm talking about games that take a comic book character and really run with them, rather that one that's just cool Marvel potpourri.

I dream of another X-Men Legends. Remember those?

The action RPG series with costumes based on the Ultimate X-Men comic series (Honestly, probably the best thing to come from it) spawned two games and I spent dozens of hours on each of them. They were basically love letters to the X-Men universe, and considering the X-Men films' unwillingness to go deeper into the lore than "Wolverine was once way sadder than this," they were deeply appreciated. Making a mutant team based on my friends' and I's personal preferences (Storm, Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Beast, to be clear) and clearing out the HAARP Facility, the Morlock's Lair and Asteroid M are some of my favorite memories from this franchise. It's never not fun to beat up Sentinels and then upgrade your powers like it's Stan Lee's Final Fantasy IX.

I'd also love a Hulk and a Blade game. There was a pretty underrated Hulk game called Ultimate Destruction back in 2005, and I feel like it really nailed mankind's general urge to take Bruce Banner across large chunks of land and just knock shit over:

How do we have 23 God Of War games and not a single Planet Hulk (the comic story-line where the gladiator world stuff in Thor: Ragnarok came from) game? And with Blade? Give me a big city area, let me be able to detect vampires, have Whistler craft equipment, and get Wesley Snipes to do the voice acting. There is no actor alive who would be better for repeated video game action lines than Wesley Snipes. "Some motherfuckers are always trying to ice skate uphill. Some motherfu-- Some-- Some mother--" he'd say as he cut down dopey Familiars.

We're getting another Spider-Man game soon and for the last five years, there's been a new rumor about every month about a follow-up to Batman: Arkham Knight, and I'm sure I will play both of them and then make long, unnecessary Twitter threads about them. But if they announced a Superman game? I would backflip off the roof. I don't care what it is. A Superman Craps His Pants In Front Of Everyone In The Daily Planet rhythm game. Anything. Just give it to me. Give me something different.

Daniel Dockery is a writer for the internet. He's probably yelling about Spider-Man on Twitter right now.

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