Since tying some fabric over your face like it's Halloween every day has become a bizarrely divisive issue, we're looking at months of mass death and economic collapse because your grandma saw a video on Facebook that told her wearing a mask will give her heartworm or whatever. To maybe hopefully head that off, people are trying increasingly desperate tactics to convince people to wear face masks, including, now, serial killers.

The New York ad agency behind this PSA starring the worst camper ever apparently got really stuck on the idea that masks are scary, so they got the scariest masked guy around to mask around New York scaring people. He masks around the park, the subway, Fifth Avenue, feeding ducks and posing for tourist selfies, while people keep running away from him because he's, you know, that psycho from those movies.

Jason Voorhees' Face Mask PSA Raises So Many Questions

Even taking the PSA at face value, it's not clear what they're trying to say. People are scared of him because he's wearing a famously terrifying mask. It's like trying to sell fried chicken with that scene from Pink Flamingos. (If you don't know it, don't look it up.) When an unwitting child finally hands him a blue paper mask, he's not even wearing it right. He puts it on over his hockey mask, letting his face juice fly all over that helpful little girl. You just killed that girl's mom, Jason. Hope you feel good about yours-- oh, right.

Jason Voorhees' Face Mask PSA Raises So Many Questions

Exactly who is this ad trying to reach, anyway? You'd think the kind of nerds who would be persuaded by this character wouldn't need much convincing to cover their biggest acne zones and stay away from other people. Incidentally, what fucking "chainsaw thing" is he talking about? Jason doesn't use chainsaws! He's a machete man! Also, what's up with the beard on this famously follicularly challenged man-child-ghost?

Jason Voorhees' Face Mask PSA Raises So Many Questions

This is clearly a Jason imposter (#StolenSlasher), and frankly, some guy dressing up as a fictional serial killer and terrorizing New York might be a more immediate concern than the face mask thing. If a man posing as a movie monster tries to convince you that he's "just a regular guy," don't listen to anything he says, even if it's "masks are good." At least it could be worse. They could have gotten that knife-gloved child molester.

Manna's face mask is covered in black sequins, makes her look like a majestic dragon, and is frequently mentioned on her Twitter.

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