John Cena Keeps Being A King Amidst All Of This


John Cena is a prince among men, and it's not just because his pecs could be used to springboard bowling balls. Cena gives to charity like he's trying to repent for some ancient curse, or maybe he's just a really, really nice guy. Either way, the world is thankful to have him, and Black Lives Matter is probably especially thankful to have him after this:

BTS is a globally popular K-pop band/ that has donated $1 million to Black Lives Matter, and whose fans, known as the BTS Army (BTS Navy and BTS Space Force branches are coming soon), have also matched that donation. John Cena has now upped the philanthropic ante by contributing his own $1 million, and while, yes, John Cena has WWE and Hollywood money to spare, it's not just cash when it comes to acts of kindness. You might be aware, for instance, that John Cena has granted far more Make-A-Wish wishes (over 650) than any other celebrity in existence. You might not realize that Cena is still granting those wishes during the pandemic (while properly masked up).

John Cena is like a modern-day Superman (the only difference being that Cena might be circumcised) and to watch this man in action is akin to snorting half a gram of inspiration. The beautiful paradox of John Cena is that if everyone acted like John Cena, then we wouldn't need a John Cena in the first place. But the world is a shit show right now, so we're glad we have at least one person who has a non-stop motor for kindness.

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Top Image: felipe bascunan/Wiki Commons

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