Touring Danny Trejo’s 'Animal Crossing' Island Is Pure Joy

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Touring Danny Trejo’s 'Animal Crossing' Island Is Pure Joy

Legendary tough son of a bitch Danny Trejo has been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It's a surreal sentence, but the mashing of those disparate visuals is something that only could've happened during the insanity of a quarantine. Up is down, black is white, and a guy famous for playing a character named after a big long knife plays cutesy Nintendo games where you give gifts to adorable pigs. Screenwriter Gary Whitta recently started a talk show within the game where he got the chance to have Trejo give him an exclusive tour of his island. What transpired is six of the most unexpectedly pleasant, comforting minutes you'll have experienced during this global nightmare.

Never has an Animal Crossing avatar better captured the visual aesthetic and even spirit of its player than Danny Trejo's. Just look at him:


Few Animal Crossing players can resist the urge to add a little bit of themselves to their characters, and some just make it 100% them as Trejo did. He made a gym on the beach because he used to workout at L.A.'s famous muscle beach. He's got a tub of protein powder on a nightstand in his bedroom. And, just like the real Danny Trejo, his avatar is constantly releasing butterflies from his pockets at random.

Touring Danny Trejo’s 'Animal Crossing' Island Is Pure Joy

You can hear every bit of Trejo's rough life in his voice, and then hear that voice giggle with glee when he catches a carp and reads aloud the accompanying flavor text "... my skills are sharp!" It's a delight. The best part? It's only the first of what will be an ongoing series that I will regularly shoot directly into my veins until a vaccine is available.

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Top Image: Gary Whitta/YouTube


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